"I just had a pedicure last year for the first time and didn't have any flipflops to wear home – I wore the silly paper ones they had. I never liked wearing flipflops (between the toes) – but when I bought these I was in love! They are so comfortable and perfect for when I go to another pedicure. They are so comfortable – I will wear them around the house this summer!"

-Amanda L. Austin, Texas


"I hate flipflops but when I found Pedi couture, I had to try them and they are awesome! It is a great toe spreader and I wear them around the house to relax tired feet and they are the best when getting a pedicure! Just bought 2 more pairs!"

-Tisha C. Beverly Hills, CA


"I love the Pedi Couture sandals! They fit perfectly and able to wear all day without feeling uncomfortable. Great for pedicures."

-Sybil K. Charleston, NC


"I was skeptical about getting these, as there are so many sandals that I can't fit into. I'm so glad I got these – now I don't have to worry about what I wear on my feet when I go for a pedicure!"

-Pamela, F. Philadelphia, PA


"Since I hate thong flipflops, I was very unsure about four thongs, but these are really comfortable for walking and casual wear."

-Desiree B. Atlanta, GA


"I am a young mother but need to wear proper supporting slipper/shoes in the house that are different than my outside shoes. This sandal is so wonderful. The support to my whole foot: toes, ball of foot, arch, heel, and ankles."

-Sharon K. New York, NY


"I find these very comfortable. I also own Beech Sandal and find these a lot more comfortable for my foot shape (very soft / silky fabric) and my style. I've been wearing these to walk out of the gym, such a relief after a workout in sneakers. Oh, and they are great for

-Debbie D. Dallas, TX


"Perhaps the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I can be on my feet all day in these shoes and still feel like I'm walking on a cloud of air. The toe dividers are super cushiony and comfortable. I ordered a pair for my mom am waiting to have them delivered. LOVE these shoes SO much."

-Crystal L. Detroit, MI


"I was looking for a sturdy pair of leisure shoes that would have a decent arch support to wear after my pedicures. I could not be more pleased with the results of this purchase. These shoes are WONDERFUL! They keep my toes separated comfortably, give me the arch support I need, and look VERY stylish. This was an excellent

-Natasha R. Las Vegas, NV


"These are great shoes. I received many compliments at the salon when I wore them for a pedicure last week. And several ladies asked me where I purchased them. So I expect that you will get more orders as a result. They are worth the money, and very comfortable, especially the padding between the toes. I may even buy another pair."

-Maria C. Jacksonville, FL