Pedi Couture is an eco-friendly sandal. No more paper slippers, no more tissue or cotton wasted during a pedicure. Our fashionable and durable Pedi Couture makes messy smudges a thing of the past. Our patented "Chic Feet on the Go" design and construction means no more waiting for polish to dry. Wear Pedi Couture to the salon to your next appointment with no worries or fuss. Say goodbye to smudges, paper sandals and tissue between your toes and keep your pedicure intact with style!


Pedi Couture is recommended by leading podiatrists because they relieve and reduce painful foot ailments including: swollen feet, hammertoes, bunions, calluses, and planters fasciitis, and neuroma. Pedi Couture is excellent for extended standing and lengthy walks. The patented design comfortably separates each toe, allowing less pressure and stress, facilitating proper weight distribution. Pedi Couture aids in improving and maintaining good stability; while enhancing blood circulation for more stamina and energy.