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A more natural toe alignment through spreading your toes gives you a broader foundation, which helps contribute to better balance and over-all equilibrium. Our fashionable and eco-friendly Pedi Couture sandals make messy smudges a thing of the past. Pedi Couture sandals are great for everyday wear and provide maximum comfort and support with our patented padded toe separators and contoured footbed.

    • Design: This women's orthopedic sandal features a thick cushioned sole and arch support designed to help relieve foot ailments such as foot pain, arch pain, plantar fasciitis, and more.
    • Function: Designed with a bubble insole, our flip-flops hug your arches like natural footprints, and every step you take is a massage.
    • Feature: Non-slip flip-flops have perfect traction and grip, and the textured sole withstands multiple surfaces, providing longer wear and slip resistance.
    • Occasion: Whether you're on a cruise, beach vacation or family stay, classic flip flops fit easily into any occasion, but most importantly, they keep your feet comfortable.

    Toe Separator features:

    -Reduce friction and irritation
    -Address foot & toe pain, ailments & deformities
    -Enable natural arch support
    -Prevent overpronation & ankle sprains
    -Improve blood flow to your plantar fascia
    -Restore proper bone orientation
    -Give your body the most stable and supportive foundation
    -Encourage the development of your intrinsic foot muscles
    -Enhance your balance, weight distribution, proprioception & dexterity
    -Make your feet stronger, more resilient & better able to support themselves

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