$ 30


Toe Separator features:

-Reduce friction and irritation
-Address foot & toe pain, ailments & deformities
-Enable natural arch support
-Prevent overpronation & ankle sprains
-Improve blood flow to your plantar fascia
-Restore proper bone orientation
-Give your body the most stable and supportive foundation
-Encourage the development of your intrinsic foot muscles
-Enhance your balance, weight distribution, proprioception & dexterity
-Make your feet stronger, more resilient & better able to support themselves


  • Designed for maximum comfort, Pedi Couture’s toe separator sandals are an ideal solution for pedicures and yoga. Our sandals are easy to slip on, preventing smudging as well as providing immediate and soothing relief from aching and swelling
  • Double as Yoga sandals and have all the health benefits including: Better body alignment, increased blood flow, better posture, enable natural arch support, restore bone orientation, and more!
  • Relieve Painful Bunions or Sores – Wearing foot toe separators are also a smart way to keep toes from overlapping which can cause pain, discomfort, and bunions. These shoes help automatically correct alignment issues so you can keep your feet relaxed.
  • A rigid foam foot sole supports your arches and helps absorb shock, while our patented cushioned 4 post design separates your toes comfortably and evenly. A padded leather strap stops creases from digging into your feet

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